2013 AutoLife Tour to feature "Blood & Grease Pop-Up Boutique"


Looks like we're hittin' the road again...and, we wouldn't have it any other way! - Blood & Grease was grass-roots built, with a simple goal to create the highest quality goods, fueled by our passion of our the automotive culture.  We don't want to ever come un-grounded from our roots, thus we attend as many automotive car shows, meets, races, and events as possible - not just to share our brand with customers, but to build friendships, have some fun, and share the common bond.

B&G's creator, Aaron Vaccar, has a dominantly automive background with several ventures in the scene - One such 'creation' is the AutoLife Tour, which is a traveling attraction to support the next generation of custom car enthsutats and events.  The tour is set to showcase 4 builders, including Aaron, and their recent concept cars that were built for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, for companies such as Ford Motor Co., General Motors, & Scion.  And this year, Blood & Grease will be jumping into the mix!

For 2013, the AutoLife Tour will be featuring the "Blood & Grease Pop-Up Boutique" as a new attraction on the road.  Literally, it will be a traveling B&G shop, where you can come browse, hangout, and pick up some limited edition product!  We feel that this will be a great way to showoff our new products; including the variety of specialty materials we use, the different types of unique printing we do, as well as the usual surprises.  But honestly, we are just as equally excited about crossing the country on the road to see some old faces and meet some new friends!

The first event is May 11-12th at Carlisle Performance & Style in Carlisle, PA - Just look for the massive 'AutoLife Tour' rig, as well as our  Blood & Grease tent.  Make sure to keep checking the 'TOUR' tab on our website for newly added dates!  See ya' on the road!

Read the full AutoLife Tour PRESS RELEASE, here!

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