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2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-5

Another day, another venue...and we landed just outside of St. Louis, MO (Madison, IL) at Gateway Motorsports Park.

Of course, the B&G Focus always finds a way to capture a unique parking spot for the day...front row!

...and we had some cool neighbors, too.

This "Deuces Wild" might have been our favorite of the day - it's just too rad.

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Special Delivery! Win a FREE Home Delivery via the B&G Ford Transit Connect


Hey Greasers, How'd you like a FREE “Special Delivery” to your doorstep via the new B&G #FordTransit Connect? Well, you can make it happen; we're hitting the road THIS Thursday, and we'll...

2013 AutoLife Tour to feature "Blood & Grease Pop-Up Boutique"


Looks like we're hittin' the road again...and, we wouldn't have it any other way! - Blood & Grease was grass-roots built, with a simple goal to create the highest quality goods, fueled by our passion of our the automotive culture.  We don't want to ever come un-grounded from our roots, thus we attend as many automotive car shows, meets, races, and events as possible - not just to share our brand with customers, but to build friendships, have some fun, and share the common bond.

B&G's creator, Aaron Vaccar, has a dominantly automive...

"King of the Road 2013 TOUR"

Blood & Grease x VACCAR collaborate to hit the road traveling from city to city, across the entire country this year!  The "King of the Road 2013 Tour" consist of the B&G crew making a stop in each city; First to display at major regional custom car show, followed by a pop-up shop at one featured local boutique location.  During the trip, B&G will be debuting and offering up their newest, limited, clothing creations - and maybe a few surprises along the way.  The crew will be traveling in...