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2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-7

Day-7...the final day...could it really be over?  Not until we we make it to Bowling Green, KY for the grande finale!
Nestled outside of Louisville, we had a historical inn treat us to some well-earned rest.
Making our way to the B&G Focus, it was apparent she was ready for some R&D post-touring, soon...
Alas, we were destined for the Regional Airport - one last, new environment to set the scene for the Hot...

2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-6

Hello, Indiana!  It was another <hot> day at a drag strip, which meant this tour-day was a race-day.

We found a front-row parking space for the B&G Focus, but before heading to the track, we had to say hi to our tour-partner and friends, Continental Tire!

The rumble in from the staging lanes...

Let the racing begin!

One thing we love about the Hot Rod Power Tour track days, is that you never know what you'll get to watch race...

2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-5

Another day, another venue...and we landed just outside of St. Louis, MO (Madison, IL) at Gateway Motorsports Park.

Of course, the B&G Focus always finds a way to capture a unique parking spot for the day...front row!

...and we had some cool neighbors, too.

This "Deuces Wild" might have been our favorite of the day - it's just too rad.

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2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-4

Day-4, and we're up for a swing-thru  Illinois, stopping at the State Farm Center.
Started like this...
...and shortly after, this!;
It was amazing to see a new back drop each day for the vendor midway.
This had to be the coolest cruisin' camper on tour (and ever).

2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-3

Another Day in Iowa, and we're at the Mississippi Valley Fairgounds - but, first breakfast...

...and now we're ready to roll-in (despite always arriving early, there's a line!)

The perks of actually arriving early can often include premium parking locations, though.

This was one, of several, parking lots that were simply overflowing with cars.

There's a style for everyone and every taste.

It was awesome to have a live band on-site at this event, too (still within site of some cool customs)!