2013 Events, Appearances & Pop-up Shops

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    Blood & Grease x AutoLife Tour: "Blood & Grease Pop-Up Boutique"

"Blood & Grease Pop-Up Boutique" 2013 Tour Dates;

May 11-12th: Carlisle, PA; Carlisle Performance & Style

- June 8-9th: Ocean City, MD; OC Car & Truck Show

- June 15-16th: Indianapolis, IN; Slamology

- June 20-23rd: Salem, OH; Steel Valley Super Nationals

- June 30th: Union, NJ; Fresh Meet Summer Bash

- July 5-7th: Battle Creek, MI; The Michigan Mile / Battle Creek Field of Flight

- July 14th: Lancaster, NY; Battle at the Border

"For 2013, the AutoLife Tour will be featuring the "Blood & Grease Pop-Up Boutique" as a new attraction on the road. Literally, it will be a traveling B&G shop, where you can come browse, hangout, and pick up some limited edition product! The AutoLife Tour is a cross-country traveling attraction featuring a massive vinyl-wrapped rig and stacker trailer, a showcase of wild one-off SEMA Show vehicles, lifestyle lounge display, sponsor give-aways, as well as presenting the exclusive awards, including the limited "Livin' the Life" award - And it will only be stopping at 20 select events each year!

Read the full Press Release HERE.

    Blood & Grease x VACCAR: "King of the Road 2013 TOUR"

"King of the Road 2013 TOUR" Tour Dates;

- January 11-13th: Cincinatti, OH; Autorama / Cavalcade of Customs

- May TBA

- June TBA

- July TBA

"Blood & Grease x VACCAR collaborate to hit the road traveling from city to city, across the entire country this year! The "King of the Road 2013 Tour" consist of the B&G crew making a stop in each city; First to display at major regional custom car show, followed by a pop-up shop at one featured local boutique location.  During the trip, B&G will be debuting and offering up their newest, limited, clothing creations - and maybe a few surprises along the way.  The crew will be traveling in VACCAR's 'Urban Escape Adventurer', a concept vehicle recently designed for Ford Motor Company at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Read the full Press Release HERE.

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