2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-7

Day-7...the final day...could it really be over?  Not until we we make it to Bowling Green, KY for the grande finale!
Nestled outside of Louisville, we had a historical inn treat us to some well-earned rest.
Making our way to the B&G Focus, it was apparent she was ready for some R&D post-touring, soon...
Alas, we were destined for the Regional Airport - one last, new environment to set the scene for the Hot Rod Power Tour
Par for the course, we always make some unique parking-lot friends along the way...
One of the landing strips played home to the central vendor midway.
Later in the day, we ventured over to hangars to see what else we could spot...
When it's all said and done, how does the HRPT congratulate the long haulers?
...with rad, custom metal signs!  We proudly received ours, alongside a letter of authenticity.
7 events, 7 cities, 7 days: we survived.  Final thoughts?  We're ready for the 2018 tour!

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