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20-buck t's END w/2012!


OK, lets preface a minute: 2012 was an amazing year for us.  Blood & Grease was "officially" launched in late 2011, simply by a car designer needing an outlet for another passion of his (awesome clothing), teaming up with a group of well-known artists in the industry, and a print shop who knows a thing or do about producing premium clothing.  Coming out swinging in full effect, B&G sponsored the custom interior of a Ford Fiesta project vehicle being built by VACCAR for Ford Motor Co.'s booth at the '11 SEMA Show...

Friday the 13th...FREEbies

We are a little obsessed with the Friday the 13th date.  So, to celebrate the special occasion tomorrow, we will be giving away some free goods!  Don't sleep!

Derby Girl Style!

Little Steel Derby Girl style! "Taken by Tifany" shared this awesome picture with us. Our 'Classic' tee, turned into a tube top for this art display project. We love it, and we love derby girls.

Behind the shoot: The Little Steel Derby Girls are an actual team from Youngstown, OH - near our hometown!  We are looking into getting more involved in the roller derby scene - Think we should?, comment/email your thoughts to us!

Here it is! The Debut Line Photoshoot

We are very excited to present to you the first full Blood & Grease photoshoot from our debut line!  We had the unique opportunity to work with this beautiful young gal along with Tribe Agency & Vinny Mac Photography.  All of these items are currently available through our online store until the run out!  As always, our products are a limited run, tee's are soft printed on American Apparel - shipped sealed fresh, folded and with a sticker!


With the debut of our first line, we wanted to come out swinging by setting our t-shirt prices at an industry low (for the quality) of 20 bucks! BUT, this is the season for giving...so, despite the fact that these are current, new products still...we wanted to give you guys something special for the holidays!

With that being said...

Didn't get what you want for X-mas? Got some cash to blow? Just need a good excuse to pull the trigger on some new threads?  Here's 20% off just for the heck of it! Share this, post this, tweet this, or...