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2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-2

A couple hundred miles and several hours later, and we found ourselves (we, being the 1000's of custom cars cruisin' the highways) at the Iowa Speedway for Day-2...it did not take long for the line of cars to build up, along with anticipation...the tour was starting to feel "real" for everyone.

The venue was massive, and again, there was nothing to do about truly capturing the amount of vehicles that showed up...thousands upon thousands!

The little B&G Focus always found a nice parking spot, though!

Some show-goers wanted to...

2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-1

Leg-1 of the 2017 Hot Rod Power Tour is a journey all on it's own...because you have to physically get to the starting line!  A highlighting point of kicking-off the trip for us was riding alongside of historic Route 66, as we headed towards Kansas City, MO.

After getting the Blood & Grease Focus ST washed down, we had another journey...getting thru the line of the 1000's of hot rodders that would be applying to travel 'on tour'.

Words can't quite explain just how massive the actual event...

Road Trip!: Blood & Grease takes on the 2017 Hot Rod Power Tour!

We've been eyeing it up, and now we're officially calling it out!; it's the 23rd annual Hot Rod Power Tour.  Blood & Grease designer (and now 'driver'), Aaron Vaccar, will be piloting our "DIY Garage" 2016 Ford Focus ST (which debuted with Ford and Vaccar at last year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas) on the entire 1,500 mile journey.  Starting in Kansas City, MO and ending in Bowling Green, KY, there will be a total of 7 events in 7 different...

Recap: A Taste from the ACE Cafe USA Pre-opening Car Show

Recap: A Taste from the ACE Cafe USA Pre-opening Car Show

Over the weekend, we packed up our "Do-it-Yourself Garage" themed Ford Focus ST from the SEMA Show, and headed out to what was actually the very first car show on the new Ace Cafe USA property in Orlando, FL.  Our crew actually attended Ace's "Ground Shaking" event (ground breaking) almost 2 years ago, so we've been highly anticipating the grand opening of this all-new destination...which is this upcoming weekend!  Enjoy some of the cool customs that we snapped at the event, as they provided a nice taste of what's to come at Ace.

B&G attends first ACE Cafe USA car show

B&G attends first ACE Cafe USA car show

If you rockers are familiar with the World-famous Ace Cafe London, then get excited we're attending the first show at the all-new Ace Cafe USA, this weekend! the #bgFocus ST will be on display, alongside our original goods.

The event, which starts at 9am, is hosted by the Early Irons of Orlando, and will benefit Russell Home Orlando.  Location: 100 W. Livingston St., Orlando, FL 32801; web: www.acecafeusa.com.