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Ford Teases Blood & Grease Collaboration Project for SEMA Show

Ford Teases Blood & Grease Collaboration Project for SEMA Show

we've been quite all year, but Ford Motor Company just dropped the teaser; the greasy B&G gang and Vaccar builders will return to The SEMA Show, for the first time since 2013, with a brand new collaborative project vehicle...

b&g mobile boutique rolling out to clean culture x importexpo orlando, fl on 4/24/16

any floridians going to be attending the Clean Culture x ImportExpo in orlando this weekend? Our ford transit connect 'special delivery' will be on display with the AutoLife Tour crew as a part of their showcase of Ford Motor Company concepts fromThe SEMA Show.

Special Delivery! Win a FREE Home Delivery via the B&G Ford Transit Connect


Hey Greasers, How'd you like a FREE “Special Delivery” to your doorstep via the new B&G #FordTransit Connect? Well, you can make it happen; we're hitting the road THIS Thursday, and we'll...

Ford MoCo. Awards Blood & Grease 2014 Transit Connect to Design for SEMA Show

Greetings Greaser!,


Betcha' didn’t know that we've been keeping a dirty little secret from you for the past few months?


Well, we've just got the O.K. to share the news; Ford Motor Company has selected our brand to design a custom 2014 Ford Transit Connect project vehicle for their booth at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas – one of the most prestigious displays, at the meca of the car culture world.


While it's all going down this week, starting Tuesday, November 5th, we're here to leak some details; The Blood &...