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Ford MoCo. Awards Blood & Grease 2014 Transit Connect to Design for SEMA Show

Greetings Greaser!,


Betcha' didn’t know that we've been keeping a dirty little secret from you for the past few months?


Well, we've just got the O.K. to share the news; Ford Motor Company has selected our brand to design a custom 2014 Ford Transit Connect project vehicle for their booth at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas – one of the most prestigious displays, at the meca of the car culture world.


While it's all going down this week, starting Tuesday, November 5th, we're here to leak some details; The Blood &...

IAMTHETREND TV: Blood and Grease T-Shirt Review

We were pretty pumped when we finally got to see the video t-Shirt review that Adam from IAMTHETREND.com did for us (below)!  We thought we would throw it up here on the blog too for those of you who have not seen this recently! As with all of their brand reviews, here Adam will go over his 4 "P's" (packaging, printing, price, presentation) to see how our product stacks up against the rest of the competition!  Make sure to take a look at the video below and see how we did! The shirts in the video (B&G Girl and...

Welcome, welcome.


We hope you are excited as we are...today is the launch of the official Blood & Grease website and store!  There is so much time and effort (and of course blood, and grease) involved in getting things to this moment!  The B&G brand was no last-minute, hastily thrown-together idea - But rather something that has literally been in the works for years!

The entire B&G brand, feel, and style was something that was put in the hands of VACCAR custom auto designer and AutoLife Tour host, Aaron Vaccar. ...