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2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-5

Another day, another venue...and we landed just outside of St. Louis, MO (Madison, IL) at Gateway Motorsports Park.

Of course, the B&G Focus always finds a way to capture a unique parking spot for the day...front row!

...and we had some cool neighbors, too.

This "Deuces Wild" might have been our favorite of the day - it's just too rad.

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Derby Girl Style!

Little Steel Derby Girl style! "Taken by Tifany" shared this awesome picture with us. Our 'Classic' tee, turned into a tube top for this art display project. We love it, and we love derby girls.

Behind the shoot: The Little Steel Derby Girls are an actual team from Youngstown, OH - near our hometown!  We are looking into getting more involved in the roller derby scene - Think we should?, comment/email your thoughts to us!

Here it is! The Debut Line Photoshoot

We are very excited to present to you the first full Blood & Grease photoshoot from our debut line!  We had the unique opportunity to work with this beautiful young gal along with Tribe Agency & Vinny Mac Photography.  All of these items are currently available through our online store until the run out!  As always, our products are a limited run, tee's are soft printed on American Apparel - shipped sealed fresh, folded and with a sticker!