20-buck t's END w/2012!


OK, lets preface a minute: 2012 was an amazing year for us.  Blood & Grease was "officially" launched in late 2011, simply by a car designer needing an outlet for another passion of his (awesome clothing), teaming up with a group of well-known artists in the industry, and a print shop who knows a thing or do about producing premium clothing.  Coming out swinging in full effect, B&G sponsored the custom interior of a Ford Fiesta project vehicle being built by VACCAR for Ford Motor Co.'s booth at the '11 SEMA Show in Las Vegas at the end of the year.  This all lead up to the full touring season of 2012 - it was time to get our hands dirty with some good ol' fashion grass-roots marketing.

Our goals for 2012 were somewhat simple.  We wanted to introduce a premium clothing product to our automotive friends - however, our largest customer market quickly became people that just wanted awesome hot hoddin', greasy, real, honest clothing.  We jumped on board the AutoLife Tour traveling roadshow and brought out products across the entire country with our modest 10ft' booth display, made a ton of friends, and sold (and shipped) products in almost every state, and several countries.

*Mental note* - I'm going to stop rambling, and get back on point - but as you can see it looks like I'm going to do a milestone blog post after this for our 2012 season

Okay, so in short: For our first year, we didn't want to skimp on a thing. Our products were printed on the highest quality shirt you can buy, made in America, with rad designs perfected by the best artists around, using screen printing that only gets softer after each wash! - and the catch was...we wanted to offering it for a pretty price.  We felt 20 bucks would be a great way to make a premium product affordable, and to simply make it easy to 'try us out'.  So for all of 2012, in person and online, any B&G shirt was just 20 bucks!

So, what's in the future? Don't worry, we're not blasting our prices up if that's where you think this is heading.  Actually, for the 15+ new products we have coming out for early 2012, there will be several different prices - We had the opportunity to expend our offerings (and your selection) by using unique and specialty fabrics - some more expensive than others - and some new printing techniques that we think you'll find impressive - but you'll have options, choices, and prices based on your tastes and style.  We haven't lost the value of quality, real, honest production - but we will rock your socks with some amazing new goods. Oh yeah, and there will be some surprises with the packaging included with every purchase...

Thanks for an insane, memorable, and fun 2012!  Because of your support and friendship, we will continue to expand each season with new, innovative products that we hope you'll enjoy wearing as much as we enjoy making!

PS; If you missed the point, go grab the last few $20 shirts before their gone! <3

- B&G Crew

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