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We hope you are excited as we are...today is the launch of the official Blood & Grease website and store!  There is so much time and effort (and of course blood, and grease) involved in getting things to this moment!  The B&G brand was no last-minute, hastily thrown-together idea - But rather something that has literally been in the works for years!

The entire B&G brand, feel, and style was something that was put in the hands of VACCAR custom auto designer and AutoLife Tour host, Aaron Vaccar.  But, this is not about him, it was about creating a product that would support and be a part of the scene - or in this case, scene(S).  Starting with the automotive car culture, and soon following into the music and extreme sports genres, B&G was created to cater to a certain type of customer.  Its not just about creating another fashion-forward apparel product - Its about giving a meaning behind a name and being a part of something bigger than yourself.  If you live your life, lifestyle, or hobby to the limits and boundaries sustainable by both blood, and grease - then you will relate to our passion.

Our back-story and meaning gives us a purpose for existence - But, without a high quality product, there would be nothing to really enjoy from the B&G brand.  Although our priority is creating a more exclusive, limited edition product, our line-up is biting at the heels of all the more “mainstream” brands, and will be forcing other companies to consider stepping their game up.  Aside from us thinking we have the coolest designs, lets talk facts;  We print on made-in-the USA American Apparel products (the BEST of the best), we use utilize special printing techniques and machines to give our clothes a premium feel and look, and they even arrive in your hands fresh,  folder in a sealed tight baggie!

Well, enough of tooting our own horn - Basically, we wanted to say; Thanks for checking us out, and expect nothing but the best from us.  We’re going to have some fun, and hope you’ll join us for the ride.  Talk to us on Facebook or Twitter, we’re looking forward to meeting all of you guys and making some new friends!  We’ll also be on the road touring to select events soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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