2017 B&G x Power Tour Recap: Leg-2

A couple hundred miles and several hours later, and we found ourselves (we, being the 1000's of custom cars cruisin' the highways) at the Iowa Speedway for Day-2...it did not take long for the line of cars to build up, along with anticipation...the tour was starting to feel "real" for everyone.

The venue was massive, and again, there was nothing to do about truly capturing the amount of vehicles that showed up...thousands upon thousands!

The little B&G Focus always found a nice parking spot, though!

Some show-goers wanted to show-off on the mobile dyno...

...others just wanted to cruise.

We liked this hot-roddin' tour truckin' pair.

A quick glimpse of the speedway, and then it was time to prepare ourselves for Day-3.

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